Dance for adults

Techniques and explorations of movement

Weekly appointment dedicated to the sharing of a movement alphabet that respects the personal structure of the student body by providing tips to recognize and use the characteristics of weight, direction, dynamic already inherent in the body.
The study emphasizes the anatomical connections that recognized and activated, favors the development of complex dynamics and train the organic unity of the movement and the decomposition of the body. Will be proposed structures of study who wish to emphasize that the relationship between the body parts are matrices that generate effects of fluidity and sincerity of actions, they are facilitators in motion construction.
A part of the study will be dedicated to explorations to be developed through indications that stimulate mechanisms of self-generating dynamics to be subjected to control and available to the outside. The movement is being investigated as an act of concession to the continuous transformation that requires constant and lucid presence.

THE COR(P)O performative

Weekly appointment dedicated to the body performative practices that lead to experiencing their own language in the choral action, in a constant focus on the outside as a place of self renewal. The invitation is to accept parameters and processes that foster collective composition through themes and group curiosity: what is the role of intuition, of choice, of others in the organization of movement of materials that can become significant and emotions conductors . Listening and generosity are key coordinates.

The two appointments are complementary to provide a broader view of the body work but are built independently for those interested to follow only one.

  • Dance for Adults, lesson on Tuesday: open to those who have already started a movement practice
  • Dance for Adults, lesson on Thursday: open to those wish to practice individual and collective creation

Teacher: Marianna Andrigo
Course extention: annual, once or twice a week

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